Canadian children’s books provided to school-aged children

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Organized in association with the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, the TD Grade One Book Giveaway is the largest free-book distribution program to school-aged children in Canada. All English and French Grade One students receive a free copy of a Canadian children’s book, compliments of TD, which they can keep to take home and read with their parents and caregivers.

The annual autumn book distribution is supported by a national author/illustrator reading tour in schools all across Canada.  2015 marks the 16th year anniversary of the TD Grade One Book Giveaway Program. 

The 2015 book Mr. Zinger’s Hat, is written by Cary Fagan, illustrated by Dušan Petričić and published by Tundra Books.  

One day Leo’s ball knocks Mr. Zinger’s hat off and the wind carries it away. After safely returning the hat to Mr. Zinger, he and Leo sit down and spin a tale together. Cary Fagan’s charming story, complemented by the imaginative illustrations of artist Dušan Petričić, will delight young readers who enjoy spinning their own stories.

Visit Canadian Children’s Book Centre to learn more about the program and previous giveaway books.

In association with the Canadian Children's Book Centre