About Us

About Us

TD Community — Creating Opportunities for Young People

The ability to read is often taken for granted. This skill is paramount to success during school years and beyond, which is why TD believes it’s important to get children reading and to foster a lifelong love of reading.

Education and skills development unlock the potential of individuals and shapes the quality of their lives. Learning takes place in all stages of life, and the biggest impact happens early in life.1

Since 2000, TD has invested $30 million to support many initiatives including the TD Grade One Book Giveaway, TD Canadian Children’s Literature Awards, and many reading programs at local schools and libraries across Canada.

At TD we are committed to making a positive impact where we do business and where our customers and employees live and work. And that includes supporting programs that ensure access to quality youth initiatives that focus on:

  • Promoting children’s literacy
  • Supporting young people from diverse and underserved communities
  • Promoting access to arts and culture for youth

Find out more about what TD is doing to create opportunities for young people.

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